Danish Wood Technology A/S

Danish Wood Technology A/S has developed and patended a method which makes it possible to fully impregnate wood in the sapwood as well as the heartwood. The high frequency energy opens the structure in the wood, and in a process with respectively vacuum, pressure and high frequency,  the method permits the preservation agent to penetrate into the heart of the wood from different directions. The result is a product in which insects and fungis can not survive. This will enhance the durability  considerably compared to wood impregnated in a traditional way. Apart from the enhanced durability  of the wood, the fire retardant properties can also be improved, This gives architects new possibilities to realize their visions in designs of buildings.






A plus for the invironment 

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency sees great potential in the DWT Process. All in all, this means that wood treated this way can be used with a clear conscience indoor and outdoor.

Since a DWT-treatment prolongs the durability of the wood extensively, the amount of wood to be cut down in the future will be reduced significantly as well.







  • The wood’s durability is considerably prolonged due to the full impregnation method.
  • Wood can be fire-retarded, wich gives architects new possibilities to realize their visions in designs on buildings
  • DWT is working with less or non toxic impregnation formulas.




7In connection with the high frequency permeation method, Danish Wood Technology A/S is working on the development of environmentally friendly proofing agents against fungus and insects. We are also working on the development of proofing agents that in addition acts as a fire retardant.